Surprise a small toy doll causes slow draining shower

We were called to a property in North Weald, Essex, the residents were experiencing issues with their shower that was slowly draining away. On Arrival

Full Descale in Witham, Essex

We responded to a service call at a property in Witham, Essex, where residents were dealing with sluggish and slow draining sinks. Upon investigation,

pre purchase CCTV drain survey for home buyers

Are you buying a house? A pre purchase CCTV drain survey can save you lots of money and any nasty surprises on your moving in day. Give the team a [&h

New Drain Laid, Braintree, Essex

We don’t just unblock drains.. New foul drainage system installed to a property in Braintree, Essex ready for a new extension. We cover all aspects

Blocked Gully

We were called to a property in Braintree, Essex for a blocked gully drain. The team starting work to remove the heavy fat build up and food waste cau

Blocked Drain at Commercial Property

We were called to a commercial property in Crews Hill, Enfield for complaints of blocked facilities. The team got to work right away to unblocked the

Excavation to repair burst water main

We was called to property in Braintree, Essex by the owner who had water streaming down their driveway. On investigation we identified a burst water m

CCTV Drain Survey & Drain Maintenance

We recently attended a school in Manningtree, Essex for a full site CCTV survey and mapping. On arrival the team got to work jetting the lines through

Slow Draining Toilets

We were recently called to a property in Billericay, Essex, the residents were experiencing foul smells after flushing and the toilets were very slowl

Major Drainage Repair & Replacement in London

We were booked to carry out significant drainage repairs at a school in central London, scheduled to commence at the beginning of the summer break. Th

Emergency Call Out in Hoddesdon

We received a call to a residential property in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, due to blocked facilities and raw sewage overflowing into the font garden fr

Professional Patio Cleaning

We were booked clean an Indian sandstone patio in Waltham Abbey, Essex, after being highly recommended to the client. Using our specialist patio clean

Descaling and Drain Maintenance

Recently we have been attending numerous call outs to properties in Essex and Cambridgeshire due to reports of blocked facilities and persistent drain

Commercial CCTV Drainage survey, Essex

We have been conducting CCTV surveys for a new residential development in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, which is part of a three-phase project. To ensure

Structural Drain lining

We attended a property in Gosfield, Braintree, Essex for reoccurring blockages. On inspection we found drain rods in the line that had been left by th

Flooded basement

We was called to a private estate in King Cross, London, for a flooded basement. On arrival we found the whole basement under 6 inches of rain water d

Blocked urinals – due to heave scale

We were called to a commercial property in Stansted, Essex with blocked facilities. On inspection there was very heavy scale build up, scale builds up

What causes blocked drains

There are many possible causes of blocked drains, including: 1. Accumulation of grease, oil, and fat that solidify and clog drain pipes 2. Buildup of

Why is it important to have a pre house purchase drainage survey

We recently attended a property in Woodford, Essex for new home owners. Since moving in they had reoccurring blockages. On inspection we found pitch f

Drain Repairs

Lots of drain repairs over the last few weeks across Essex & London. Drain lining is a great way to repair your drain lines without having to dig

Removing fat blockages, Commercial Property

We was called to a commercial property with heavy fat build up in Essex. With the use of a tanker we removed the fat from the lines and jetted them [&

Reoccurring blockages in Witham, Braintree

Finding the cause of reoccurring blockages at a property in Witham, Braintree. Using our CCTV drain camera we was able to view the internal stack find

Commercial Drain Cleaning

On a recent call to an Indian restaurant in Braintree, Essex for blocked drains we identified a heavy build up of fat, food waste and scale. Due to th

Reoccurring Blockages

Getting the job done right first time We recently attended a property in Chelmsford, Essex, that was experiencing reoccurring blockages. This customer